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Is Rick Perry running for President, or for the lead in a Michael Bay disaster movie? You decide!

I was thinking someone more like M. Night Shymalan, the twist becomes evident when the video suggests that Rick Perry is the one to ameliorate the problems ailing the nation.

That is some mighty fine propaganda there.

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When news of China’s “50 Cent Party”, a cabal of internet commentators hired by the country to leave pro-government comments on blogs and forums broke a few years back, it was largely ridiculed in the Western media as an unwinnable PR strategy.

It is difficult to say whether China’s strategy has been a success, but it has certainly inspired copycats, with a recent report suggesting the phenomenon might be coming soon to Russia.

According to a report from Global Voices, Russian bloggers have recently uncovered a job description looking for someone to leave seventy comments per day from up to fifty accounts on a single blog.

It appears that the United States has been won over by the idea. Not only does the department of state employ paid commenters, but a new $2.75 million initiative led by US Central Command would allow for the creation of sock puppets in order to combat online extremism.

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The New York Times’s journalistic obedience -

Glenn Greenwald on how the Gray Lady has been lying to you for weeks. He writes:

“In other words, the NYT knew about Davis’ work for the CIA (and Blackwater) but concealed it because the U.S. Government told it to. Now that The Guardian and other foreign papers reported it, the U.S. Government gave permission to the NYT to report this, so now that they have government license, they do so — only after it’s already been reported by other newspapers which don’t take orders from the U.S. Government.

It’s one thing for a newspaper to withhold information because they believe its disclosure would endanger lives. But here, the U.S. Government has spent weeks making public statements that were misleading in the extreme — Obama’s calling Davis ‘our diplomat in Pakistan’ — while the NYT deliberately concealed facts undermining those government claims because government officials told them to do so. That’s called being an active enabler of government propaganda.”

photo credit: Hamza Ahmed/Associated Press

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There Is A War Going On For Your Mind

There is a war going on for your mind
Media mavens mount surgical strikes from trapper keeper collages and online magazine racks
Cover girl cutouts throw up pop-up ads, infecting victims with silicone shrapnel
Worldwide passenger pigeons deploy paratroopers
Now it’s raining pornography - lovers take shelter
Post-production debutantes pursue you in NASCAR chariots
They construct ransom letters from biblical passages and bleed mascara into the holy water supplies

There is a war going on for your mind

Industry insiders sling test tube babies to corporate crackheads
They flash logos and blast ghettos, their embroidered neckties say “stop snitchin’”
Conscious rappers and whistleblowers get stitches made of acupuncture needles and marionette strings

There is a war going on for your mind

Professional wrestlers and vice presidents want you to believe them
The desert sky is their bluescreen, they superimpose explosions
They shout at you,
“Pay no attention to the men behind the barbed curtain
Nor the craters beneath the draped flags
Those hoods are there for your protection
And the meteors these days are the size of corpses”

There is a war going on for your mind

We are the insurgents


Imagine an election in a Third World nation where a small number of millionaires and billionaires spent massive sums to push the outcome in their preferred direction. Wouldn’t many people here condescendingly tut-tut over such a country’s “poorly developed” sense of democracy and the inadequacy of its political system? That, of course, is what is going on in our country as you read this. If you travel any place where there is a contested House or Senate race, you are bombarded with attack ads, almost all against Democrats, paid for by groups that do not have to reveal where their money comes from.
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