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It should be noted at the outset that the dissent does not discuss a single case — not one — in which it is clear that a person was executed for a crime he did not commit. If such an event had occurred in recent years, we would not have to hunt for it; the innocent’s name would be shouted from the rooftops.

Antonin Scalia, Cameron v. Marsh, 2006. 

He and his current Supreme Court colleagues should consider how painful eating those words is going to feel.

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While JUSTICE THOMAS would apparently not rule out a death sentence for a $50 theft by a 7-year-old…

Justice Stevens in his opinion on the Court’s recent ruling that life without parole for juveniles (in non-homicide crimes) is unconstitutional.

Another reason we’ll be sad to see Stevens go and continue to be confused how Thomas ever fucking wound up with that much power.

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