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Waters Run High. Red Hook, Brooklyn is flooded. [via]

O_o That is … wow. Stay safe, everyone.

I’m pretty sure I know exactly where that is.

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I saw Ryan Jarman at the most hipster venue I’ve ever been at. He played some of the Cribs songs I never thought I’d see live (like shoot the poets)

This was ridiculously fun last night, even though I was about to fall asleep against the wall at the end of Ryan’s set because it had been a long, hot, sunny day full of awesomeness.

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Of all the things I expected this summer, needing to find a new apartment was not on the list. But now it is. As I’m already spending a great deal of time in Brooklyn these days, I’m hoping to find an apartment there. I’ll miss Inwood, though.

Bierkraft this weekend, after seeing Frankenstein at BAM.

All the beers were delicious. And the reason Elisabeth is laughing is that I had taken this same photo a minute earlier, and caught her with a terribly awkward face as she was in the middle of saying something, and it really was hilarious.

Rescued these from a box on the sidewalk. Harvard Classics, English Poetry Vol 2 (Collins to Fitzgerald) and 3 (Tennyson to Whitman).

I saw BOY at a special screening at the Knitting Factory last night, and can’t recommend it enough. Be sure to check it out.


The Starved for Attention exhibit is at Prospect Park in Brooklyn today and tomorrow and then we take the act on the road, so New Yorkers: come see us while you can! The exhibit will travel to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. in the coming weeks with our first stop in Philadelphia from Sept. 30-Oct. 2.

And you can always sign the petition online to help us rewrite the story of malnutrition.

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