My own foray into politics…

I think I may have already mentioned being elected to the University Student Senate at the beginning of summer, but last Friday we held our executive board elections and I’m now one of the three co-chairs of the student senate. This means I get to have a lot of meetings and receive a lot of emails for nothing more than the privilege of the title and serving the university community. But that’s honestly more than fine with me. I’m really excited about working with the administration, and especially our new president, and can’t wait to see what we accomplish.

(Two things I want to do this year: 1. community garden, 2. barcamp!)

This is likely my sole foray into politics (being the tattooed peace-loving vegan socialist that I am, and all — though some friends argue that should not be a barrier in the future), but I have high hopes of it being a really positive experience.

Other cool stuff I’m doing? Well, I’m taking 4 classes this semester — int’l law, post-colonial theory, refugees & migration, and French. I’m also volunteering with the IRC twice a week (as a tutor working with kids who have refugee status). And while not cool, I’m also still working in consumer research part-time to pay the bills. (Does anyone want to give me a more meaningful part-time job? Please?)

So, yeah, life is back to being all over the place. But I love this kind of madness because, generally (i.e., not the job that pays the bills), these are things I love and that really make a difference in people’s lives.

Also, I <3 my weird lefty university. (We just had the installment of the new president yesterday, which I managed to attend, and everyone gave really great speeches, so I’m feeling the love for my school right now.)


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